Eternal Entertainment has professional, state of the art equipment to accommodate your party or special event, no matter what the size. At Eternal Entertainment we pride ourselves in having the most innovative and energizing shows to ensure your event is a success. Call today for details on our creative wedding reception formalities and party games.

Party Package: A guaranteed hit at your next special event! The Party Package provides the perfect atmosphere for romance and fun! The package includes our professional sound system and an eight-foot custom-made truss featuring an array of mood-setting lights. If you are looking for a romantic atmosphere mixed with a night of fun and excitement, this is the package for you.

Celebration Package: Looking to turn your party into a hopping night club scene? Then the Celebration Package is perfect for you. This includes our extended professional sound system, for bass that you can really feel (recommended for large venues only), plus our amazing custom-made truss with the dance lights to go along with it. This package is sure to turn your event into a dance party to remember!




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